We Provide Flawless Care and Timely Transport for Every One of Our Patients

Medway Air Ambulance is the premier medical transport company for patients across the globe. We have a dedicated staff with access to the latest medical technology that will provide the best possible care throughout you or your loved one’s entire trip. In fact, thanks to our exceptional service, we have been endorsed with a Gold rating from ARGUS International and accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI). We specialize in all types of medical flights, including critical care transport, medical evacuations, neonatal transport, and more. When you choose Medway Air Ambulance, you or your loved one will benefit from our:

Talented Medical Staff

Our doctors and nurses are employees, not subcontractors, which allows us to provide the highest level of care.

Fleet of Reliable Aircraft

We maintain our own fleet of eight Learjets to ensure a smooth flight and a timely arrival every time.

Coordinated Logistics Team

We will make all of the flight and hospital stay arrangements so you can focus on what’s important to you.

The Medway Air Ambulance Team Is Truly Second to None

To provide the highest level of medical care, it’s important for any medical provider to have a knowledgeable, hard-working, and compassionate staff. That’s why our entire crew is made up of employees, not subcontractors, allowing us full control over the level of care we provide, which is nothing short of impeccable. Our dedicated staff includes:

Pilots & Mechanics

We own a fleet of Learjets and employ our own flight and maintenance crews, allowing us to keep our aircraft in tip-top shape at all times.

Flight & Logistics Coordinators

We will ensure that you arrive at your destination on time and will even make arrangements for your hospital stay.

Doctors & Nurses

With access to the latest technology, our experienced medical team will provide the highest level of care.

We Are the Premier Medical Transport Company for Patients All Across the World

Medway Air Ambulance was founded in 2000 on the principal of providing the highest level of care to our patients. Over the years, we have served more than 14,000 patients worldwide and continue to provide impeccable service to this day.

We employ our own medical staff, pilots, and flight coordinators and own a fleet of eight Learjets, which are always kept in tip-top condition by our team of mechanics. We provide a variety of medical transport services, including critical care transport, neonatal and pediatric transport, domestic and international medical evacuations, and more.

And, no matter what you or your loved one needs, we promise to provide timely service and compassionate care 24/7/365.